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Why Use
Scheduling - Make sure everybody is on the same page, and in the right place at the right time!
  • Year Planner
  • Detailed Online Schedule
  • Drag and Drop
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Monthly, Weekly, Daily views
Video Analysis
Video Analysis and sharing is no longer restricted to elite sports teams. You may well already be filming your matches or training sessions. Our video analysis tools will help you to use your video to improve your team's performance. You can:
  • upload your video to
  • share with the team and watch from anywhere with an internet connection
  • tag your video online - tries, scrums, linebreaks, anything you want
  • watch your tagged events during playback
  • you can even pause the video and draw on it to highlight coaching points
Actions speak louder than words though, so click here to see some of what you can do! We've pre-tagged a match video with some basic events to demonstrate. Click the tag buttons at the top to move to each piece of action, and click the Drawing On button to enter 'drawing mode'.
Team Selector
  • Drag and Drop to select your teams
  • Print and Online team sheets and match day information
  • Secure link emailed to players and parents
  • Track page views
Drill Builder
  • design and share your drills and moves with our drill builder
  • add video to your drills
  • share, and integrate them into your training sessions
Click here to try it out!
Athlete Monitoring
Be aware of the health and wellbeing of your athletes with workload and recovery monitoring
  • Dedicated smart-phone site for athlete data entry
  • Manage athlete loads across mutliple sports and teams
  • Automated 'heads-up' reminders and alerts
Strength and Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning levels in schools sports are increasing dramatically, particularly in rugby players. In the weights room the most important part of your programme is teaching technique and form to ensure that athletes can avoid injury. Use our rep max calculator to define strength programmes without using any maximal lifting, and to individualise your sessions to each athletes level. This short video demostrates some of the features of the Strength & Conditioning module.
You can be using sports-train within minutes.
To answer some of the questions you may have:
What does the system cost?
Please contact us to discuss your requirements
Is there a minimum period for monthly plans?
No. You can cancel anytime you like, and resume again any time you like. If you only want to use the system during the season you can do just that. We'll save everything for you until you come back.
Are the functions the same for each plan?
Yes. All plans get access to the full system, the limitations are just on the number of coach accounts and teams you can have.
How much video can I upload?
As much as you need.
Is it just for rugby?
We started building the system for rugby, but it is suitable and has been used for many team and individual sports. We are adding more features and functionality for other sports, so if you need somethign specific please let us know. Sports-Train is currently used for rugby, hockey, football, cricket, and volleyball, as well as by individual athletes, strength & conditioning coaches, and personal trainers. The video tagging and analysis tools can used for any sport.
How do I pay?
Payment is made online with a credit via our secure payment pages. For annual or multi-year plans please contact us if you wish to be invoiced.
How do I get started? Just drop us an email to and we'll get everything set up for you.